Used Double Pushchairs

used Baby Joggercity mini double pushchairIf you have 2 children  who are the same age, a double pushchair is what you will need. Each child sits side by side in exactly the same sized seats, if you have 2 children of different ages with one being a baby, then you will need a tandem pushchair.

The pro's of having a double buggy are that each child can be sat in relative comfort and keep each other amused on outings. Not so good though for Mum (or Dad!) as they are double the width of a normal pushchair, making them quite awkward to push and take up a whole pavement!

However, that aside, if you have the need to be able to push 2 children round then the double pushchair is the way forward for you. Brand new, these buggies are very expensive but second hand, they are a snip of that price.

Popular models are the Baby Jogger City Mini, oBaby Apollo Twin and Out n About Nipper V4.

Need help choosing the right double pushchair for you? Head over to our buyers guide for the full lowdown.

Bugaboo Donkey - view on eBay £1,450.00

Egg 2 twin pram stroller QUARTZ shell car seat isofix double pushchair tandem - view on eBay £1,240.00

Bugaboo donkey 3 Twin double pram side by side pushchair isofix unisex duo black - view on eBay £1,160.00

Bugaboo donkey 3 Twin double pram side pushchair isofix all black unisex set - view on eBay £1,140.00

Bugaboo donkey 3 double pram twin set black unisex carrycot duo pushchair ex dis - view on eBay £1,110.00

Bugaboo donkey 2 duo Double Twin Single Pram Set Navy 2019 Refurbished - view on eBay £999.99

Bugaboo donkey 3 2 twin pram double pushchair stroller unisex maxi cosi isofix - view on eBay £1,050.00

icandy peach double pushchair In olive - view on eBay £1,000.00

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo 2020 Model - view on eBay £1,000.00

Egg 1 Double Stroller Mount Grey - view on eBay £1,000.00

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