Used Pushchairs by Price

When a new baby comes along, many things have to bought and a pushchair is one of the necessities. Sticking to a budget will keep control on your spending, as it is so easy to get out of hand!

If you are looking a specifically priced second hand buggy, we've created the following pages just for you. All the pushchairs listed in this budgets are within the price range as shown.

Pushchairs under £50 - Ideal is you are just looking for a second buggy or a spare

Pushchairs between £50 and £100 - plenty of bargains to be found in this category

Pushchairs between £100 and £150 - the most popular category, you will find amazing quality used pushchairs from all the major brands here

Pushchairs between £150 and £200 - The top end pushchairs are available here for a fraction of the cost of their new counterparts