Used Pushchairs under £50

If you are looking for a second pushchair to keep in the car or as a spare, buying one that is used that is under £50 won't break the bank, but will allow you to be flexible when you need to be.

There are many excellent quality pushchairs available for less than £50, even from the higher end manufacturers such as Quinny, iCandy and Bugaboo.

Most of these buggies will have some cosmetic wear, but they will all be usable. Why not get one for your babies grand parents to keep? No need to worry when you've dropped them off and you forget to leave yours!

Have a search through the listings below. Remember to follow the tips in our buying guide to make sure you get value for money and stay safe!

Silver Cross Wayfarer pram set - view on eBay £100.00

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Pushchairs Travel System Car Seat With Isofix Base +extras - view on eBay £100.00

pram 1 - view on eBay £100.00

pram 2 - view on eBay £100.00

pram 3 - view on eBay £100.00

pram 7 - view on eBay £100.00

pram 8 - view on eBay £100.00

pram 6 - view on eBay £100.00

pram 5 - view on eBay £100.00

Travel Pram - view on eBay £99.00

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