Used Pushchair Buying Guide

With money tighter than ever for most families, buying a new pushchair is just expense that you could do with out. No mum (or dad!) would want to scrimp on the pushchair for their child, but looking at some of the prices of new pushchairs literally brings tears to my eyes!

Buying anything used can be hazardous, but we have come up with a few hints and tips to help you choose the perfect pushchair for you safely and with the least amount of stress possible!

1). Used Pushchair Condition

Obviously this is the most important consideration when buying a used pushchair. If you see a used pushchair that you like, be prepared to ask the seller some/all of these questions:

  • Why are they selling (most people will say 'my child has outgrown it' or 'I need the space')
  • Is it damaged? Ask seller for detailed information if there is damage to the pushchair
  • Are the wheels, folding mechanism and seat belt/buckle all present and undamaged
  • Are the accessories included with the pushchair (things like rain cover, foot muff etc)

2). Pushchair Reviews

Seen a used pushchair that you really like the look of? Still not sure if it's right for you? Search the make and model to find some reviews of the pushchair you are interested in. Check for information on construction, durability, weight, ease of use. We hope to have in the near future a review section of our site, giving you the most informed choice possible.

3). Cost when new

This is more to see if you are getting a bargain than anything else, but search for the make/model of pushchair you are considering and find out the cost of it when it was brand new.

4). Delivery/Collection

If you choose to have your used pushchair delivered, make sure that when it is delivered that you check the pushchairs before you sign for anything, this way if the pushchair arrives damaged, a claim can be made against the courier company.

If you choose to collect the pushchair, make sure that when you get to the collection address, you don't hand over any money until you have physically seen the pushchair and inspected it. Check that it moves backwards and forwards, it folds up and folds out properly and is generally clean and tidy.

The seller should be happy for you to do all the above and if they are not then it may not be wise to continue with the purchase.

We are sure you will find the perfect used pushchair for you on our site. Make sure you follow some of the tips given here to ensure that you get the best used pushchair for your money!